Ed Wolfe

At the conclusion of thirty-eight wonderful years as an instrumental music teacher, one begins to wonder which direction lies ahead. Returning to the life-style that was so enjoyable in formative years is proving to be exciting and rewarding. There are a vast number of quality music creators to meet as well as some very accomplished musicians. The opportunity to re-acquaint oneself with some friends from the past is also very satisfying.

Being born in Albuquerque, NM just after WWII, afforded excellent opportunities for learning from some outstanding music educators including Leslie Somerville, Wallace Cleveland, Dr. Kurt Frederick, Dr. Walter Keller, Dr. Bill Seymour, James Whitlow, James Thornton and Morton Schoenfeld. Graduating from the University of New Mexico with a B.M.E. degree and accepting a teaching assistantship while completing an M.M. degree in composition led to a long and satisfying career in Music Education for the Albuquerque Public Schools and the Bonita Unified School District in Southern California. In addition to teaching students 3rd grade-college age, I have had opportunity to take my ensembles all over the United States in performance and competition. I have also had the privilege of adjudicating bands, orchestras and jazz ensembles in several states and performed in brass ensembles, jazz ensembles, orchestras and concert bands for over forty years.

Revisiting the composition of Chamber Music is now becoming the challenge and direction of a long and developing career in music. Among the many works completed are: Compositions Three Short Pieces (Trumpet in C & Bassoon) / March 1968, Canticle for Horns (Horn Quartet) / April 1968, Trio for Flute, French Horn and Violin / May 1968, Sonata for Oboe and Piano / June 1968, Our Band Plays for Beginning Band / October 1969, Promise (Choir and Alto Flute) – poem by George Wm. Russell / May 1970, Chancon (Choir) / July 1971, Caverna (Full Orchestra) / May 1973, Quintet for Brass / May 1976, Esoteric Dances for Esoteric Folks (Esoteric Jazz Ensemble) / October 2006, Modal Moods (Trio for Flute, Trumpet, and Piano) / December 2007, Teton Sketches (Chamber Orchestra) / May 2008, Formations (Wind Ensemble) / July 2008, and String Quartet / August 2008.

It is indeed an exciting time in life and the creation of future Chamber Works is once again becoming a passion and goal.




Music Composed and Performed by Ed Wolfe

Sinfonetta I. / (4.3mb - 3:00)

Sinfonetta II. / (2.1mb - 1:29)

Teton Sketches. / (10.4mb - 11:21)

Oboe Sonata I. / (3mb - 2:37)

Oboe Sonata II. / (2.5mb - 2:10)

Oboe Sonata III. / (3.2mb - 2:45)

Quintet for Brass I. / (1.4mb - 1:10)

Quintet for Brass II. / (1.4mb - 1:33)

Quintet for Brass III. / (2.9mb - 2:32)

Quintet for Brass IV. / (1.5mb - 1:40)

Modal Moods I. / (3.9mb - 3:23)

Modal Moods II. / (5.7mb - 5:00)

Trio for Flute, Horn and Violin I. / (5.6mb - 4:06)

Trio for Flute, Horn and Violin II. / (3.5mb - 2:31)

Trio for Flute, Horn and Violin III. / (2.8mb - 2:03)

Formations for Wind Ensemble. / (18.4mb - 20:06)

String Quartet I. / (704kb - 0:44)

String Quartet II. / (3.4mb - 3:44)

String Quartet III. / (1.8mb - 1:55)

String Quartet IV. / (1.6mb - 1:42)