Gabriel Bussi

Gabriel Bussi (composer, violinist, and violist); presently violinist of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia and violist of both the Cuarteto del Pino and Schubert String Quartet in Spain, enjoyed a broad musical education throughout various countries and continents. Born as son of musicians in Montevideo (Uruguay), he pursued his main violin and composition studies in Germany, where he graduated as violin major at the Hochschule für Musik "Hanns Eisler" in Berlin with the teachers Prof. Christoph Poppen and Prof. Ulf Wallin. In the meantime he studied composition and counterpoint at the same college with Prof. Gerhard Tittel and Prof. Jürgen Ganzer, premiering during those years several commissioned works, among them his String Quartet in C minor, his children`s opera “Gutgesinnt und Bösgesinnt” (being author of both music and libretto), and his Sonata for flute and piano.

He was prize winner at several competitions, both as violinist and as composer, and he was scholarship holder at numerous music festivals, among them Ost-West Musik Festival (Krems, Austria), Richard-Wagner-Verband (Bayreuth, Germany), Young Artists International (Los Angeles, USA), Nagano Music Festa (Ueda, Japan), being active as soloist and chamber musician on multiple occasions. His compositions and arrangments were periodically played by Young Artists International (Los Angeles), including recordings and radio broadcasts. He completed his Master of Music Performance with Dr. Eduard Schmieder, as scholarship holder at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX (USA), keeping up his composition studies with Dr. Robert Frank.

Throughout his studies he participated at many masterclasses with internationally renowned teachers, and was an active orchestra musician, playing with orchestras such as the Stuttgarter Philharmoniker (Germany), the Fort Worth Symphony (USA), the "I Palpiti" Chamber Orchestra in Los Angeles and the Dallas Chamber Orchestra.

His compositions were played in various countries by members of orchestras such as the Jerusalem Symphony Orquestra (Israel), the Philharmonie Südwestfalen (Germany), the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia (Spain), the Orquesta Gaos (Spain), as well as by chamber music groups such as Zoar Ensemble, Grupo Instrumental Siglo XX, his former group Artemis Ensemble and his present groups Cuarteto del Pino and Schubert String Quartet.

Among his recent symphonic works are pieces like “Pezzo Sinfonico”, “Ave Maria” for mixed choir, children's choir, and symphony orquestra, and “Noche de Navidad” for children's choir and symphony orquestra, all of which were premiered by the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia under Victor Pablo Pérez and Pablo Mielgo. Another recent premiere was a Symphonic "Lied" named “El lejano campanario” for Mezzosoprano and orquestra. In the chamber music field, his most important pieces are his Woodwind quintet in five movements, the three “Bagatella”s for string quartet, a "Theme with variations" for clarinet and piano, and most recently a movement for piano quartet.

He is presently working on a full scale opera, written for an extensive cast of singers and choir, accompanied by a large symphony orchestra. The libretto is written by Spanish citizen Javier Ozores, based on a historic novel by Emilia Pardo Bazán, La Coruña’s most illustrious 19th century writer.



Gabriel Bussi plays viola with the Cuarteto del Pino and the Schubert String Quartet

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Music Composed by Gabriel Bussi

Piano Quartet. / (13.9mb - 9:39)

Pezzo Sinfonico. / (24.8mb - 17:12)

Quintetto di fiati. Movement I. Andante con moto. / (9.2mb - 6:22)

Quintetto di fiati. Movement II. Intermezzo. / (2.5mb - 1:44)

Quintetto di fiati. Movement III. Adagio non troppo. / (8.8mb - 6:07)

Quintetto di fiati. Movement IV. Scherzo. / (8.2mb - 5:43)

Quintetto di fiati. Movement V. Maestoso allegro vivace. / (12.6mb - 8:45)

Bagatella No. 1 for string quartet. / (5.3mb - 4:27)

Bagatella No. 2 for string quartet. / (8.1mb - 5:35)

Bagatella No. 3 for string quartet. / (10.6mb - 7:22)

Ave Maria for mixed choir, children's choir, and orchestra. / (8.7mb - 6:02)

Noche de Navidad (Christmas Night) for children's choir and orchestra (text and music by Gabriel Bussi). / (14.4mb - 10:00)

"Obertura - Ballet" for mixed chamber ensemble. / (9.2mb - 6:24)

Variations on the traditional Japanese theme "Sakura Sakura" for violin and piano. / (13.0mb - 9:02)

Theme and Variation on the Japanese Theme: "Sakura Sakura" for two pianos. / (9.4mb - 6:32)

Paganini's Capriccio No. 24 for solo violin, with a string orchestra accompaniment by Gabriel Bussi. / (10.8mb - 7:28)